​​Etiquette Tips - Did you know?

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Have you ever prayed that you would honor the Lord Jesus in everything you do and say?  You certainly have an opportunity to represent the love of Christ in your home, but I believe that when you leave your home, you are entering

the mission field.

  •   ​​​There is never an excuse to be rude.  Be friendly, even on miserable days when everything seems to be going wrong.  Forcing a smile can not only lift the mood of the person you are looking at, but it can lift your mood as well.

  • Certain words carry a lot of power when you are being polite.  Add "please", "thank you", "you are welcome", and "excuse me" to your vocabulary and you may find that others will return your kindness also.

  • Being on time shows respect to others.

  • When you are late for meetings, appointments or get-togethers with friends, you are forcing others to wait which is a waste of their time.  Remember how you felt when you have had to wait for someone.

  • Do not compliment one person when you are in a group setting.  Choose a moment when the two of you are alone to offer the compliment,

  • Don't point when giving directions; take the person to where they want to go.

  • If you have invited someone out to dinner, it is your responsibility to make the reservations and pay the bill.​  Never assume someone else will pick up the tab.

  • Unless you are a Texas Ranger or a cattle rancher, you do not wear cowboy boots with a suit.

  • Men, when you are in the company of a woman - whether she is your mother, wife, girlfriend or just a friend, you walk slightly behind her, never​ in front of her.

  • When you make your way down a row in a crowded theater or church, face the people who are already in their seats.  Never force others to stare at your backside.

  • Never whisper in the presence of others.  If you have something private to say, wait until you and the other person are alone.

  • Do not correct another person's grammar.