​Author, Judi McGuire in her kitchen at Guirewood

​It was my mother and grandmother who understood the importance of knowing that the proper use of etiquette would make a positive impact on my life.  These two women spent many hours training me in the many graces of etiquette rules that have followed me throughout my life.

I was in the political arena for 30 years, having worked for a United States Congressman, a Governor and as the Governmental Relations Officer for the largest healthcare organization in Alabama.  As a lobbyist, I encountered almost every kind of social situation; introducing people to high-ranking politicians, meetings with the President of the United States, attending State Dinners, and handling difficult situations and people.  I am grateful for the etiquette skills I learned at an early age which gave me the confidence needed both socially and professionally.

My study of God's Word brought me to a realization that it contains all we need for "life and godliness," including interactions with others.  The Pastor of our church, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Oneonta, Alabama, asked that I write a book on etiquette,  and "One Anothering: A Biblical Guide for Social Behavior" is now in print. 

​To God alone be the glory!

About the Author

The New Testament has Scriptures referred to as the "one another commands."  These commands, when followed, are a source of proper Christian communication.   The idea for the title of my book came from these Scriptures.

​You must treat others in the same manner that you would like, or perhaps even more politely than you may deserve.  Etiquette involves respect for those around you and consideration of their needs.  It shows others that you care enough to be respectful.

​​​​Hello, I am Judi McGuire.  Welcome to my website on etiquette.  If you have questions regarding etiquette, need me to teach in the classroom or the boardroom, please send an email to the following address:


          A few of the "one another" commands.​​​

  •   Love one another - John 13:34 and John 1:12,17
  • ​  Be servants to one another - Galatians 5:13
  •   Show hospitality to one another - 1 Peter 4:7-10 
  • ​  Greet one another - Romans 16:16
  • ​  Be kind to one another - Ephesians 4:32